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Sue Anderson

Sue has 44 years working within the private, public and voluntary sectors, in particular, working within communities. Coming across the Three Principles understanding around ten years ago, she heard something deep in her heart, and from that moment on, she knew her life was going to be very different. Sue say’s ‘I felt like I had come home, and I was so certain that I wanted to share that feeling with others.’

Sue created a successful six week programme “Second Chance”, which she has facilitated for the last six years delivering the programme to people from local communities who have presented with addictions, depression, suicide attempts, stress, identity issues, relationship concerns and more, and also to workers from different organisations e.g. teachers, nurses, police officers, job centre plus advisors, social workers, family workers, etc, presenting with a whole stream of issues.

Sue was one of the co-creators of the Northern Three Principles Conferences, proudly bringing internationally respected speakers to the North East. More recently Sue was a speaker on the virtual LGBTQI “Perfect as you are” weekend event. Finally, Sue is continuing to be the change she wants to see in the world!

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