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We think of this conference as an oasis. Three days in the year when we can take a pit stop from our busy lives and take time for ourselves. A health farm for the human soul. However, we hope it’s more than that for you also. We want you to walk away with more understanding that allows you to have more clarity, love and well-being throughout your life.


Our focus is particular: the potential we all have for clarity and well-being from within. We are interested in exploring and discovering more about our ability to have a richer experience of life and to be more unconditionally resilient in the face of stress and distress. 


Over the years, running this event, we have consistently seen how powerful this direction can be. We have seen individuals discover more resilience, happiness and well-being, independent of the circumstances of their lives. We know this potential is real; this conference is a chance to explore and learn more about it. Each year we bring together a group of speakers from a range of backgrounds and fields, many of whom learnt directly from Sydney Banks, to share their understandings, observations and insights. And each year we are blessed with a group of participants who are open hearted, humble and here to learn and share. The feeling of love in the room is always one of the highlights.


We believe that the more challenging our lives become the more important it is for each of us to keep looking in this direction and remembering where our well-being and resilience lie.  We are all human and it is so easy for us to get disturbed or overwhelmed by the events and volatility of the world around us and forget the importance of our clarity and stability.  The Conference is dedicated to providing a space of love and understanding where we can all come and find refuge and a chance to reset and recalibrate amidst the confusing whirlwind of life that we are all doing our best to navigate.

Conference Highlights

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