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Steve Adair (He/Him)

From an early age, Steve has been fascinated by how people think & behave. This blended with his passion for helping others has guided Steve to work within the human potential development field since 1991.
Soul Coach (R), Mentor, Reiki Master, Psychotherapist, are just some of the titles which Steve has studied under & qualified as a practitioner.
Since discovering the Three Principles in 2011, Steve has realised a deeper truth about the human experience. 
He has always had an ability to touch people deeply in a spiritual sense & now having insight into how wisdom works, he has seen profound results in his practice.
Steve's passion is to help you understand the incredible person that you are and that no matter your life circumstance or the things you’ve been through, you always have access to innate mental health within. He is an international speaker, trainer, coach and mentor and facilitates group programmes and retreats, in the UK and internationally. His private practice is based in the beautiful Norfolk Broads, UK, from where he see clients. 
Steve is the creator and host  LGBTQIA+ webinars/podcasts, being joined by inspirational people in conversations surrounding mental health and spiritual well being. 

Steve thoroughly enjoys the love of hanging out with family and friends, long countryside walks with his partner Tony and their dog Shona; as well as meeting and celebrating people from all around the world.

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