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Siobhan Kunadu-Yiadom
Mindflow Academy
United Kingdom

Sharing the Three Principles to me feels like living my purpose. This understanding has truly impacted my life in so many ways. I was diagnosed with complex PTSD and dissociative seizures and was looking at life through the lens of these labels. Having a background of neglect, sexual abuse, domestic violence , etc., I used to live a very miserable life caught up in a victim mentality and in constant fight or flight mode. I simply didn’t have any hope.

Thanks to the 3 Principles, I now know that I have innate health and I am not broken. I understand that my thoughts create my reality and the way I look at life and that can change at any moment because thoughts are transient. I know that I have a choice what thoughts to pay attention to and I am no longer trapped in my so-called story. This doesn’t mean that I don’t have negative thoughts, moods, memories, anxiety , etc., as life still happens, and I am human. However, I am free now and no longer stagnant and imprisoned in my Mind. I know that if that was possible for me, it is possible for everyone. Everything we need is within and this is so empowering because this means we can be okay, even if our circumstances remain the same.

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