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Rob Cook
Life After Trauma

Rob is a highly respected speaker and coach who helps individuals with PTSD and other traumatic experiences to prioritize self-care, heal, and build meaningful lives. He is the founder of Life After Trauma which focuses on finding the balance between mental, physical, and spiritual health again to alleviate trauma-related adverse effects.

Rob is a retired combat veteran who turned to life coaching and completed his certification through Supercoach Academy. He uses the Three Principles, also known as the inside-out understanding, as his guide to help clients overcome anger, anxiety, and high tension in their decision-making processes. With his talent for storytelling and natural ability to connect with people, Rob can use his experiences to educate and inspire his clients to authentically embrace their passions and positively impact the world.

Rob is an engaging and passionate speaker, coach, and podcast host who works with many clients, including start-ups, non-profits, Fortune 500 companies, and everything.

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