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Paul McCarty

Paul is married with two teenage children and lives in Leicestershire, UK. Paul has just taken a post as a college lecturer on a course for young adults who wish to join the military or emergency services and is a grassroots football (soccer) coach.

In 1993, Paul returned from a tour of the former Yugoslavia with the United Nations troubled, unable to process his thoughts or understand his feelings. Within eight months, he had left the Royal Air Force. Paul then began a career in the Police Service. However, the inner struggles continued. In survival mode, he pushed away his recently married wife and was soon diagnosed with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Fearing he would lose his new job, he walked away from all help, told no one and buried his head in his work. He was unwilling to recognise and deal with the trauma, so he ploughed on, often leaving a trail of broken professional and personal relationships.

In 2019, the crash happened. Suffering from depression, severe anxiety and Fibromyalgia symptoms, he was again diagnosed with PTSD and told he would need to find a good therapist. And that is when he met Nicola Drew and was introduced to the 3 Principles. A light bulb went off within two sessions, and the recovery began.

Nicola introduced Paul to Dave Hill, and soon Missing in Action became a reality. In November 2021, Dave and Paul hosted the inaugural Missing in Action - Peace of Mind Online Conference for Military and Emergency Response personnel. This year they aim to release the Missing in Action - Book of Hope. Stories of hope from service personnel who have been able to move beyond their trauma.

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