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Neil Silvester

Neil “Silvie” Silvester is 41 years of age and currently lives in West Yorkshire, UK. Silvie grew up in Eltham, SE London, UK and joined the British Army as an Infantry soldier at 17. He served 3 operational tours with 1st Battalion The Royal Green Jackets. During his service, he met and worked with Dave Hill (Simplicity in Mind).

Silvie left the Army in 2003 and moved to Scotland, UK where he attempted to settle into civilian life and despite appearing to live a “normal” life, struggled with his mental and physical health. Silvie later served 7 years as a constable in Central Scotland Police, during which he received multiple mental illness diagnosis and a host of unsuccessful drug treatments and therapies. He also underwent 4 spinal surgeries which affected his mobility.

During this time, Dave had left the Army and moved to Scotland reconnecting with Silvie and introducing him to the 3 Principles. This had a profound effect and dramatically improved his mental health. It also led to Silvie being offered a scholarship on the One Thought Foundations Program with Aaron and Lila Turner. Silvie is looking to use his training and understanding of the 3 Principles by becoming a coach.

Silvie was invited to collaborate with Dave and Paul McCarty on the Missing in Action - book of hope beyond trauma project, providing his story and the artwork for the book cover and social media pages.

You can connect with Silvie by email at

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