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Mavis Karn

I am a counselor, educator and a consultant in private practice in St. Paul Minnesota in the US. I have spent over forty-five years doing my work with individuals, families, businesses, hospitals, schools, prisons, government agencies and treatment centers, police departments and nonprofits, law firms, Native American tribes and agencies, individual athletes and teams and coaches and therapists and so on and so on...

My work has taken me all over the US and to South Africa, as well as most recently to many countries on Zoom.​

I realized that this may all appear to be very impressive, but I am in the evening of my life, and it took quite a while for this list to grow. In the end though, it has all seemed to me to be simply a moment-to-moment accumulation of time spent doing what I love to do, passing on the best information I ever got in my life, to anyone else who's interested in hearing it.

I´ve recently written a book along with Michael Neill called "It's That Simple: A User's Manual for Human Beings".

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