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Marina Galán Romanos

I am a coach and consultant working with individuals, groups and organizations all over the world.
In the journey to find something that would help people not only improve performance in every area of life, but that would actually help them have a richer and deeper experience of it, I came across a simple yet profound truth about human beings and realized that the main reason why we struggle is that we do not fully understand how our experience of life is created, and therefore have no clear idea of how to improve it.

Few people realize that our mind is naturally oriented towards wellbeing, creativity and success, even fewer have come to develop a close, fruitful relationship with it. Most people, being caught in a misunderstanding about how it works, find themselves unable to fully take advantage of this truth, causing unnecessary suffering and strain.
Understanding our mind, knowing how to align with it and its infinite resources, allows us to explore the very depths of our true potential and consequently experience a more vibrant, engaged, fulfilling life.

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