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Mamoon Yusaf

Mamoon Yusaf is a keynote speaker and Spiritual Coach with over 5,000 hours of coaching experience. He’s the author of the #1 bestselling book, ‘Inside the Soul of Islam’, host of the ‘Quran Coach’ Sky TV show and the ‘In the Moment with Mamoon’ podcast. His mission is to show every human being on Earth how to flip ‘The Psychological Switch’, which is a the heart of the incredible transformations his clients experience.

Mamoon is also the host of the “How Rich Coaches Think” Virtual Summit, in which he interviews some of the world’s wealthiest coaches to reveal how they think about time, money, leverage and impact. As a transformational and spiritual coach himself, he created the “Never Ending Stream Of Clients” program, to guide fellow coaches step-by-step through the process of growing a successful business.

Mamoon’s online training programs, seminars, writings and podcast are a source of inspiration for thousands of coaches, personal development enthusiasts, and spiritual seekers of all faiths across the world. For more, visit

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