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Lily Sais

Lily graduated with honors and a degree in Psychology from Mount St. Mary’s College. She received her masters in Educational Psychology with a PPS in School Psychology from Loyola Marymount University. Lily was a school psychologist for 12 years and at the time she stepped down, she was the lead school psychologist in her district in Los Angeles, California.

Lily has always been passionate about mental health, but felt like a fraud at times as a school psychologist as she struggled severely with anxiety, panic and ocd. She tried so many things, but nothing was deep and long lasting until she found the Three Principles understanding in 2018 and realized she wasn’t broken and that she was innocently overcomplicating it.
Through the three principles understanding Lily has a second chance at life and loves sharing this with other people who are experiencing anxiety, panic, and ocd.

Connecting with amazing humans all over the world, feeling like kindred spirits, sharing simple truths about the human experience, helping others reconnect to their natural peace of mind and ease, sharing stories and laughing… Lily couldn’t be more tickled with the heart-centered and purposeful life she feels blessed to call her own.

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