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Lila Turner MA

Until 2013 Lila Turner was a high-end fashion designer with a focus on women’s wear and then children’s wear. She got her Masters degree from Central Saint Martin’s in London. While studying there, she worked with Alexander McQueen and then went on to work at a number of design houses in London and New York.

2013 marked a turning point in Lila’s professional life. It was at this point that Lila saw the pervasive and costly issues caused by people’s misunderstanding of the mind. Since then, Lila’s sole focus has been addressing the ‘Leaky bucket’ issues people face in their lives, their businesses and their relationships. She is driven by the ability to easily eliminate these issues rather than the suffering and inefficiency of trying to work around them.

In addition to working with leaders and organisations, Lila has worked within schools with staff and students and also with a number of charities. Her work has been aimed at solving key persistent challenges and problems through an increase in clarity and wellbeing. Within schools, this has been staff stress and student exam attainment and anxiety. Within charities, it has been stress and burnout and hence, staff turnover.

Lila is the founder of Relationship Ready, a sister business of One Thought with the sole purpose of addressing the invisible hurdles that frustrated singles face. Since her time at university, Lila noticed that some people struggled more than others to have the kind of relationship they wanted. She could also see that it had nothing to do with how attractive or interesting a person was. These relationship challenges did not seem to change for people over time despite the rise of internet dating which made it easier to meet other people looking for a relationship. It was clear to her that it was people’s state of mind around relationships and dating that was causing these frustrating patterns. Relationship Ready was designed to solve this struggle for people. The results have been beyond her dreams. It is normal to see old patterns and frustrations dissolve and for singles on this programme to fall into the kind of relationships they dreamed of but never dared to hope for.

Lila works alongside Aaron running One Thought, designing, developing and providing programmes to individuals and organisations. She also co-runs the One Thought Foundations Programme to develop new practitioners. She has designed and run the youth day for the Life 2.0 conference since 2018.

Her clients vary widely from leaders, engineers, filmmakers, teenagers, teachers and entrepreneurs. She is a regular conference speaker and presenter both in the UK and abroad.

Lila also works with professional women through her executive coaching programme.

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