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John El-Mokadem

You could say that I am an a recovering intellectual! As someone who lived in their head, and really valued the process for much of his life, it was both a relief (and slightly annoying at first) to recognise that I didn't need to shoulder the burden of all that constant thinking to navigate my life, be at peace and operate at my best.

I have the Principles to thank for that.

For the last 18 years I have been a coach, and have used various modalities with my clients. However, what I always found with those other modalities was that they always seemed to require me to 'add' something to myself (tool, technique, process) to function, which tended to rev up my already busy mind. The Principles have helped me to see that I, and my clients, are more than enough, exactly as we are. Nothing needs adding. The more we see this, the more we tend to function at our highest and best and have a more effortless experience of life. I take great joy in seeing clients come alive to the simplicity of this understanding.

I could tell you about my 'achievements' since learning about the Principles. I could tell you that I healed from chronic illness or that I became a published researcher for the work I did sharing the Principles with people with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Or how I built a business, or experienced so much more ease with the ups and downs of my day to day experience since engaging with this understanding. Those things all happened and are all true. But I can't take ownership for them. They were not done by John sitting at the control panel of his intellectual thinking. They were done by that deeper intelligence that I connected more deeply to by being touched by the Principles, and they feel so much less important than the simple joy of having more comfort in my own skin that came alive in me as I did. I'm looking forward to sharing some of what I see about this understanding with some of you at the conference.

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