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Janet Rhynie

As a facilitator, trainer, educator and coach I believe my purpose and passion is to educe, elevate and liberate you to see through the illusion of fear and confusion preventing you from living the life you have always wanted.

In 2010 I attended the first 3 Principles event in England and heard a truth which changed the way I work forever. I then trained with Aaron Turner as a participant in the first One Though Practitioner programme and have not turned back since.

From teaching programmes to offenders in 2001, to working with business executives, this understanding has transformed my life and the life of others. Also working and facilitating with Jack Pransky in the UK, arranging meet-up groups in Birmingham, speaking at the 3 Principles conference visiting and speaking at the school in Salt Spring Island, these wonderful experiences would not have been possible without the Principles.

Always looking to share and teach to a wider audience Janet is creating online programmes and resources so more people can get access to this understanding. For in doing so not only will lives change, but the vibration of the world will change.

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