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Jacqueline (JB) Hollows
Beyond Recovery CIC
United Kingdom

Jacqueline Hollows MSc FRSA is the founder of Beyond Recovery CIC, a non-profit organisation, with several years of experience delivering Well-being programmes to people in the UK prison system and beyond.

BR’s mission is to eliminate stigma, reunite families and help communities thrive through the empowerment of the people living in those communities.

Beyond Recovery have partnered with the Insight Alliance and SPARK to develop a practitioner's curriculum 'Insight to Wellbeing' for people who want to deliver Three Principles programmes to create social change.

Jacqueline is passionate about working with emerging leaders in all capacities, which has led to the creation of MamaJ's Mentoring Academy and Insight Timer Insights.

She is co-author of three research papers evidencing BR’s approach and has recently had a fourth paper published with Innate Health Research, about BR's work in Nottingham Prison. She's a regular contributor for a prison newspaper: InsideTime (readership c60,000). And founded the Beyond Buddy Scheme - a group of 25 volunteers who liaise with people in prison through a distance learning program.

JB Hollows is a published author of two books as part of a collaboration of writers: A Different Story; and Stories from the Muses. Her memoir, Wing of an Angel’ about her journey working with people in UK prisons, was published in October 2023 through IW Press.

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