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George Halfin

George came across The Principles 12 years ago by accident when she was employed as an event manager to organise the first 3PUK conference. She did it as she did everything back then taking her job and her thinking about her job very seriously! To the degree that when they delivered the chairs she decided she couldn’t possibly disturb her colleagues who were in a meeting and ran into a door and smashed her face in on the way, which resulted in her greeting everyone to the first 3PUK conference with two black eyes!

This began a journey of her learning to take her thinking less seriously that has led to her putting together a book of women’s a voices (who are grounded in The Three Principles) called ‘A Life Less Serious’ which launched on International Women’s Day this year.

George is project manager at national UK charity, mum of two and qualified as a Three Principles coach with One Thought. With Farah Halabi she is Co-chair of Nisa Nashim Essence (part of Nisa Nashim, a national network which brings Jewish and Muslim women together across the UK to inspire and lead social change) and runs wellbeing sessions for their members. She is passionate about supporting people to see beyond their preconceived limitations for themselves and the good of society.

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