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Georg Stuby

Georg Stuby's mission is to contribute to a rise in consciousness that is so high that discrimination and exploitation of humans and nature stop as a side effect.

He loves guiding creative souls to recognize and love their true inner selves in order to access full inner peace, to get clear on how they want to make a true difference in the world and to bring it into existence. His favorite mediums are music, books, retreats, immersive experiences, talks and transformative conversations with human beings.

At first he didn't dare to follow his dreams and build a life on them. That changed when he almost died in a car accident at age 22. After that, Georg asked himself what he wanted to do in his life. Today he works on many creative and transformative projects. He played gigs all over the world, from Burning Man to Glastonbury Festival. In 2021, he published his first book “Living from your heART”. In his 1 and 1 and group conversations he facilitates his clients to recognize a deeper understanding of how their spiritual nature is connected to all other aspects of their Being. Georg's understanding is rooted in the Three Principles and he loves to utilize Clinical Hypnosis, Music and Yoga to support his clients toward the content life they dream of. He holds certificates in the Three Principles, clinical hypnosis, NLP, coaching and music therapy and is currently pursuing a Master’s in Business Psychology.

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