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Drissia Schroeder-Hohenwarth

Drissia is a Psychologist, a Transformative Coach, and a Systemic Organisational Consultant with a background of about ten years in corporate HR.

As founder and owner of DSH International HR, she has worked extensively with leaders, teams, and organisations worldwide since 2007. Her work ranges from personal growth to conscious leadership to organisational transformation.

Her clients come with all sorts of dreams, visions and challenges. She helps them increase their impact and thrive gracefully, pointing them to the power and potential of understanding the mind and wisdom at a deeper level; and offers them a safe space to be consciously, unashamedly, and amazingly human.

Drissia is part of the global community of 3 principles practitioners and the co-founder of the French-speaking community "Les 3 Principes Francophonie". She is also a writer and a speaker, and hosts personal development retreats in the most amazing places. She lives in Germany, loves humans and travelling, and works in English, German and French.

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