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Dave Hill

My name is Dave Hill, I am a registered Three Principles Practitioner having studied with One Thought.

I have been fascinated by human interaction my whole life and been lucky to make connection with others quickly. This ability served me well as a British Army Officer for 17 years, and in a number of corporate roles, before deciding to work fulltime in this field in 2021.

My journey from infantry major to wellbeing coach was completely unintentional. It started with one veteran calling from hospital, asking for help having been sectioned. My sole desire, having heard his story, was to do my best to keep him alive… thankfully he still is. What started as a part time venture to support friends has grown into full time role and this is why.

One of the biggest things that stuck with me from day one at Sandhurst was its motto, “Serve to Lead”. It has been something I have tried to live by and have been inspired over the years by those who embody the motto in everything they do. The work I do aims to change the view of wellbeing for everyone, but especially the military veteran and serving communities.

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