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Daly Hardy
By Design Counseling & Wellness

Daly Hardy is an Iowa-based Mental Health Educator working on finishing clinicals for her specialization in Mental Health Counseling. She achieved her baccalaureate in three years from Drake University in Psychology and Business Studies and a Master's degree from Buena Vista University in Professional School Counseling, graduating with a 4.0 GPA. Her ambition and drive for excellence, balanced with a person-centered touch and commitment to service, have been at the forefront of significant leadership positions within community outreach programs, business teams, schools, and charities. For example, she worked at several high-end boutique fitness studios and went on to rebrand and open a new branch of a franchise in Downtown Miami, Florida.
During the pandemic, Daly focused her attention on her true passion, sharing the understanding of The Three Principles. Through her own life-changing experiences and shifts, she's seen the potential for transformational change for others as well. Daly desires to help others illuminate their well-being and to move the needle toward ending pervasive and needless suffering in the world caused by a misunderstanding of the mind. Furthermore, she has always been interested in how a deeper understanding of how humanity can enable positive change or elicit more mental freedom and allow new ways of thinking, creating, behaving, and pattern-breaking. Daly has spent years facilitating change by designing, developing, and providing programmes to individuals and organizations that breed insights and flip burnout to the experience of joy-propelled action and feed a greater sense of reconciliation with health.
Daly founded By Design Counseling & Wellness in 2022, a practice with a holistic, integrative, and evidence-based approach to mental health care that ultimately targets the root causes of mental dis-ease and disorder and promotes sustainable change in her clients' lives. Her clients vary widely from leaders, professional athletes, engineers, teenagers, inmates, teachers, entrepreneurs, and many more. Her ideal client is someone with at least a mustard seed of hope that there must be an easier and more enjoyable way to live intermixed with the state of the world.
Daly's approach of promoting innate health creates high-level feelings in counseling, opens new and fresh thinking to once old and stale “problems,” and is based on the premise that no one is broken.

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