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Christine Heath
Hawai'i Counseling & Education Center
United States

Christine is a licensed marriage and family therapist and Ex Director of Hawai'i Counseling & Education Center. Founded in 1985, it is the oldest 3 Principle based outpatient mental health and addiction care facility in the world. She has been helping people to awaken to their inner health since 1980. She has served as a Board member of 3PGC since its inception in 2011

Her passion is to help people to realize that they are able to recover from any trauma, mental distress, or addiction. They can save their marriages and create healthy families just by realizing that they are innately healthy and that their experience is generated by the 3 Principles.

Christine has been sharing her understanding of the Three Principles for nearly 45 years. She provides training and supervision for professionals, and is a consultant and as well as continuing to provide therapy and mentoring to people around the world.

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