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Chetna Bhatt
Being Lawyers
United Kingdom

Chetna is a part time employment lawyer and certified executive coach. Since co-founding Being Lawyers in 2016, she has shared the Three Principles with lawyers and other professionals, both at an organisational and individual level. Chetna has helped clients navigate all kinds of personal and professional challenges by supporting them to uncover innate wellbeing and potential.

Chetna has co-hosted wellbeing conferences with The Law Society and spoken at various events including the UK Health and Wellbeing at Work conference and Women Economic Forum.

Sparked by her own transformation, Chetna is committed to helping lawyers and other professionals succeed in business without burning out. Chetna experienced chronic stress as a lawyer ultimately falling ill with chronic fatigue syndrome. Having tried a range of coping strategies in an attempt to heal, it was her understanding of the Three Principles that marked the end of her search to recover.

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