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Chana Studley

Chana Studley recovered from severe PTSD after 3 violent attacks in the UK and spent the next 25 years combining a very successful Academy Award Winning career in Hollywood with coaching and counseling people with trauma, addictions and relationship problems. After graduating from The One Thought Institute in 2018 she noticed that her 25 years of chronic pain had completely gone and so conducted research to discover if she could reproduce this experience in others. Following the success of 5 case studies she developed a program called Painless and is now helping clients worldwide with all kinds of health issues and working with doctors and clinicians to introduce them to the Three Principles.
Chana has written 2 books, The Myth of Low Self Esteem – a novel about PTSD, Hollywood and healing and Painless, a novel about chronic pain and the Mindbody connection. Her next book, Very Well, a novel about hormones, women and why Freud was wrong will be out later this year.

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