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Carolina Gallardo Barker
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United Kingdom/ Argentina

Carolina is a facilitator, coach, and mentor of the Three Principles in English/Spanish. She is a Community Leader in 3PESP (3 Principles in Spanish) Professionally Certified in Adult Education, she has worked in England specializing in adults for the last 20 years. Argentine by birth, she has lived in England for the last 23 years.

Carolina found the understanding of the three principles over a decade ago, suffering from depression, panic attacks and insomnia: it changed her life. This has helped her through the most turbulent times in her personal history: from her father's suicide after suffering from cancer to being diagnosed with chronic fatigue herself.
Inspired by her changes, her partner's, and the people she has worked with and is working with, she has decided to dedicate herself completely to expanding this understanding globally.

She has created the Community of "The Three Principles Active Community"
providing opportunities to find material in Spanish, webinars, meetings, talks, courses and much more.

She is also a 3 Principles Global Community (3PGC) Registered Certified Professional.

She is the co-creator of the "How to Connect with Humans" series which is featured on YouTube and Facebook with Wayne Yates with international special guests and featured teachers of the Three Principles.

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