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Anita McGinty
Innate Health Research

Anita McGinty, Ph.D., is a psychologist and educator fascinated with the ways we learn, change, and grow. Having seen firsthand the transformative power of innate health realization, she wants all people – across all sectors of society – to have the same opportunity for insight that she did. She is driven by the potential of innate health interventions becoming universally available and sees how a strong, interdisciplinary, and irrefutable evidence-base can be fuel for this movement.

Anita’s early career as a speech-language pathologist was spent drawing out the academic potential of children with severe communication and reading difficulties. After receiving her doctorate in Education Psychology in 2009, she worked as an applied researcher and education expert, supporting the creation and adoption of educational innovations across thousands of schools and hundreds of communities nationally to improve the way children were taught and supported. She has received numerous awards in recognition of her contributions to education and excellence in public service, and has published dozens of articles and book chapters on learning, development and inequity in education.

Anita is thrilled to be part of the partnerships that comprise Innate Health Research and continues to be grateful on a daily basis for the opportunity to be part of this conversation. Anita relishes time with her three children, enjoys a fierce but fun game on the tennis court, and enjoys exploring the music, nature, and community that her current hometown, Charlottesville Virginia, offers.

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