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Anastasia Dobrovolschi
United Kingdom

Anastasia Dobrovolschi is a transformative coach dedicated to guiding individuals on a journey of self-discovery, helping them unleash their true potential, innate health, and embrace a life filled with purpose and fulfilment through the innovative approach of The Three Principles.

Fluent in Romanian, Russian, English, and Spanish, and with a background rich in diverse experiences and profound personal transformation, Anastasia offers a pathway to overcoming fears, anxiety, and depression, healing from trauma, navigating difficult relationships, and fostering personal growth and career development.

Originally from Moldova, Anastasia's passion for guiding others emerged from her own transformative personal journey. Initially set on a career in finance after completing her studies at the Finance and Banking College of Moldova, Anastasia's path took an unexpected turn during an internship. Realising the field wasn't her calling, she embarked on a journey of self-exploration that led her to Barcelona, where she developed a career in tourism with great success, building strong social connections. This experience cultivated her adaptability and openness to diversity.

Her move to London in 2019 marked a pivotal period of personal growth. Struggling with depression, Anastasia sought professional help and underwent a profound transformation through therapy based on the principles of Mind, Consciousness, and Thought. Inspired by her own healing, she trained under Chana Rosenblatt and became a transformative coach herself.

She is currently finishing her last year of studies in Business Management at Suffolk University, further deepening her understanding of human behaviour and effective leadership. Graduating from her first mentorship program in 2023, Anastasia has completed over 300 hours of training since and continues to expand her skills in various fields with diverse organisations.

Recently, she started to expand The Three Principles for the Romanian-speaking community. She's been discussing them in two podcasts and one magazine interview in Moldova, and currently is translating the book "Coming Home" by D. Bettinger and N. Swerdloff. Anastasia is also looking forward to collaborating with other teachers to share this valuable information further for the Romanian speaking community.

Anastasia is deeply committed to bringing the best of transformative coaching to her clients and providing a safe, non-judgmental haven for self-exploration. She offers a pathway to clarity, resilience, and joy through the profound insights of Sydney Banks and The Three Principles, helping individuals rediscover their zest for life, improve their mental health, or simply find peace amid chaos.

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