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Masha Liashenko

Masha is from Ukraine. She has almost 30 years of experience in spiritual mentoring and couching. In 2017 Masha along with her husband Ivan founded online school with a goal to help people around the globe who need emotional healing.

After 24/20 she has been focused on helping those who are suffering the consequences of war teaching the Three Principles understanding as the best solution at the time like that.

Masha went through recurring depression and was seeking answers for well-being for years through learning modern approaches for healing the soul.

Once she was introduced to the Principles it became clear to her that the soul doesn’t need healing since there is the part in us that cannot be harmed or get broken, one’s true Self.

She is coaching and mentoring individuals and groups now in this paradigm of unlimited potential and innate well-being.

Masha’s native language is Russian, and she is now devoted to raising the awareness for the nature of human experience through teaching Three Principles with the dream to reach 360 mln Russian speakers and 41 mln Ukrainian speakers of the world.

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