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Liliana Bellini

Liliana worked for many years in the field of complementary medicine, helping her client to regain and maintain their health in a natural and gentle way.
Since training at One Thought in 2014, Liliana’s professional life has been dedicated to teaching the understanding of The Three Principles.
She has worked with all kinds of people, from prison inmates to housewives, as well as teenagers on the edge of crime, individuals affected by homelessness, addiction, and mental health issues… and not forgetting the odd celebrity.

For four years (2016/2020) she was a lead facilitator for Beyond Recovery CIC, delivering programs in prisons.
Since 2018 she has been a lead facilitator for “A Slice Of Happiness” delivering mental health programs under Watford and Three Rivers Trust.
In 2020 Liliana co-funded “The Big Simple CIC”, a new social enterprise committed to helping young adults, especially care-leavers discover their innate potential to create successful and happy lives.

Liliana’s commitment to making a difference in the lives of the less fortunate has been unwavering, even during the lock-downs.
She brings depth, kindness, and love to all her work and the absolute certainty that everyone, with no exceptions, has everything within to experience life with peace of mind and contentment.

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