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Jacquie Moses
United Kingdom

Jacquie is passionate about the importance of embracing our humanness with compassion on this journey called life. She loves guiding individuals to realise who they really are, beyond the stories being believed. And helping them to discover more inner freedom and ease in life.

She loves sharing what she's learnt and how she see her own challenges and internal stories, as invitations to see through the illusion and connect to a quieter, unchangeable, part of herself.

She has been sharing this understanding for over 9 years, reaching hundreds of diverse people, from prison to the boardroom and everything in between. She was a lead facilitator and original team member for Beyond Recovery and a lead facilitator for the Wisdom Wellbeing Collective.

Currently she coaches from this understanding, working with NHS (clinical and non-clinical) staff across the UK, staff in the London Ambulance service, Social Workers and leaders in the UK.

Jacquie has been a coach since 2003. She trained as a Three Principles Practitioner with the Three Principles Institute lead by Dr Aaron Turner, Linda Pransky and Mara Gleason, {now known as One Thought} for many years. She has also been mentored or supervised by many of the first generation teachers and speakers who were taught by Sydney Banks.

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