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Ivalo A. Arnfjord
Qamannga Silammut

Ivalo A. Arnfjord
Ph.D student in University of Greenland & 3P practitioner

Ivalo is an indigenous Inuk from Greenland. A daughter, sister, friend, wife & mother.
She is currently a ph.d student & 3P practitioner. She was born and raised in South Greenland, Qaqortoq.

Ivalo lives with her husband Steven Arnfjord in Nuuk and their two children, Uiloq and Paalu.
She has a Master of Arts in education and is a Ph.D student specializing in play.
In 2018 she created a greenlandic Three Principles Facebook group with her friends, it now has over 3,700 members.
After training with Mette Louise Holland from 3P instituttet Denmark, she now coaches and gives courses about The Three Principles aside from her PhD scholarship. She is passionate about innate health, Early childhood Education and Care and Play."

She has been a co-author to two books about The Three Principles. The first book "Livet har dig - Seksten fortællinger om vejen fra styring og kontrol til nærvær og trivsel”. The other book "A Life Less Serious" which features real life stories from 27 incredible women from the 3P/Inside out community.

Ivalo has been on the greenlandic national radio KNR several times and talked about The Three Principles.

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