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Hannah Meyer Sjoeblom

Hannah Meyer Sjoeblom is a licensed teacher in languages, the last 9
years she taught youths with NPF and an addiction therapist with
extensive experience of working with people who have alcohol, drug,
gambling, sex or relationship addictions, as well as co-dependency.
Hannah is also a CSAT- Certified Sex Addiction Therapist via IITAP
(International Institute of Trauma and Addiction Professionals). She has
special competence in working with women with relationship issues.

Hannah has her own history of; depressions, moods, worrying, insecurity and
dysfunctional patterns in relationships.

After having her own personal insights and transformation through The Three
Principles, Hannah started working with transformative conversations,
based on this understanding, with all people who want to make some kind
of change in their life. Hannah is based in Stockholm, but gives
sessions online. People from all over Sweden and abroad can seek her
help, even English-speaking clients.

From 2023 Hannah also offer help to pregnant women, Pre-Birth sessions,
where women can get help with any insecure thoughts and fears before a
birth, bad experiences from previous birth(s) or if they simply want to
learn about how they can influence their own experience of an upcoming
birth. Hannah also shares, during these conversations, a new way of
"being with" pain.

Hannah is a translator of 3P-books in to Swedish, started with "The Missing Link"
together with Fredrik Lindstroem, continuing with Dicken
Bettinger and Natasha Swerdloff´s book "Coming Home" and is one of the members
starting the 3PSE, the Swedish community for the 3P in Sweden. Hannah is
a co-author of two books in where she describes some of her insights and
a miraculous birth.

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