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Hannah LeMans
Hawaii Counseling and Education Center, Hale Kipa

Hannah, M.A is a mental health professional that works closely with individuals, groups, teens, and families to foster secure relationships and break the generational chain of abuse, neglect, and conflict.

Hannah currently works with Hawaii Counseling and Education Center as an intake specialist, administrative assistant, and co-facilitator for the Hoʻo Maka Hou anger management and domestic violence program. Hannah additionally works as an intensive in-home therapist with Hale Kipa in East Hawaiʻi. She graduated from University of Hawaiʻi at Hilo for both her B.A in psychology and M.A. in counseling psychology and has experience as a social worker.

Hannah lives on Big Island in Hawai’i and is passionate in supporting communities who have experienced generational trauma, poverty, domestic abuse, and displacement like that of Native Hawaiians. Hannah works to guide clients back towards their innate health through the power of slowing down. She is interested in assisting clients to reconnect with their secure state of mind in sustainable and long-lasting results.

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