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Elizabeth Lovius

Elizabeth Lovius is a Changemaker; a Leadership Coach, Mentor and Social Entrepreneur specialising in helping leaders change the game to lead with humanity, heart and wisdom. She is an international speaker, author and award winning trainer and facilitator.

Elizabeth has experience working in organisational transformation across all business sectors including: Hospitality, Food, Retail, Manufacturing, IT, Banking, Government, Healthcare, Creative Media, TV, Social Enterprise, Start-ups and Sports. She is Founder of Kindred Spirit Consultancy one of the first 100 Bcorps in the UK where the focus is on business as a force for good.

Whatever a leader is is navigating, it can be easier, more fulfilling and more impactful.
When leaders think and feel better, they do better and lead better. Working with Elizabeth, in addition to many years of corporate experience, you get a real human being; a warm connection and a lightness of heart. It is in this space of relaxation, enjoyment and ease - the magic really happens and where people discover what they have been looking for has been there all along.

Elizabeth has:
- over 25 years experience in all sectors (extensive experience in the Hospitality, Food, Media and Retail Sectors) worked with over 100 organisations on their culture.

- trained, coached and mentored over 10,000 individuals

- specialised in the unique challenges and opportunities that leaders face

Clients include:

- Marks & Spencers
- Kahoot!
- Pret a Manger
- Discovery TV
- Cook
- itsu
- Levain
- English RFU
- Ogilvy & Mather
- Ecover
- Samsung
- Very
- Holland & Barratt

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