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Carol Boroughs

Carol Boroughs is a facilitator who founded her Three Principles practice Signposts in 2012, bringing together the skills and experience she has accumulated over forty years in the field of personal and organizational transformation as both an HR professional and as a holistic therapist, teacher and mentor. Carol guides people as they wake up to their true nature and signposts the way to a deep sense of inner peace and well-being.

Carol shares the Three Principles with a diverse range of people around the world. Her work is deeply rooted in the knowledge that the Principles provide a unique and powerful understanding of our true nature which can help us uncover our unlimited potential for peace of mind, compassion and love.

Through her small group programmes and one-to-one work , she also mentors other practitioners working in the field or those who would like to share their understanding with others.

Carol’s voluntary work includes being a director of Innate Connection CIC which provides funded well-being days to children who would not normally be able access such support.
When not working, you are most likely to find her out in nature capturing the beauty she sees with her camera.

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