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Find out more about our amazing line up of presenters

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Aaron Turner


Aaron Turner received the first ever first-class degree achieved in Anthropology at Swansea University. He went on to do a Masters degree at Brunel University in Medical Anthropology. He worked at Brunel as a faculty...

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Amie Joof

Amie Joof is a 24 year old woman who found herself on a never ending search for freedom and peace of mind from a very early age. From being admitted into hospitals due to ongoing mental illnesses, to being heavily medicated throughout her teen years. Amie came across The Principles in 2019 and through the teachings of Sydney Banks, Amie found herself living a life she didn't know existed beyond her own version of reality. Now free from mental confusion and suffering, Amie goes on to share the insights which lead her to where she is today.

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Alessandro Saramin

Alessandro is the Founder of "3 Principi Italia", the first and leading Italian institute dedicated to the study, teaching and sharing of the 3 Principles in Italy.

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Alexis Copello

Coach & Mentor

I am a coach, mentor and facilitator of the Three Principles in Spanish. I was born in 1972, in a small town in Argentina, with sandy streets and a river.

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Arnajaraq Nielsen Lyberth

✨ From Greenland, Nuuk
✨ First heard about The 3 Principles december 2017.
✨ 3P Practioner @ 3P Instituttet Denmark 2019.

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Beto Contreras

Teacher/lead Organizer/Mentor

Beto Contreras
Lead Organizer & Teacher, The Insight Alliance.

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Batya Rosenblatt

3 Principles Practitioner

Batya and her husband Rabbi Akiva are the Rabbinic couple at the Hadley Wood Jewish community. They live in Hadley Wood together with their 4 children. The 3 Principles has massively changed Batya's life for the better. She runs numerous 3 Principles courses and is passionate about helping people find the wellbeing they have inside.

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Beverley Wilson Hayes

Founder & CEO

Beverley has worked in the field of recovery for over three decades, creating and leading many recovery and self- discovery programs.

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Bill Pettit

Psycho-Spiritual Mentor/Coach

William F. Pettit Jr., M.D., is co-owner with his wife, Dr. Linda Pettit of 3 Principles Intervention LLC. Dr. Pettit has presented the Three Universal Principles of Mind, Consciousness and Thought as the essence of...

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Carolina Gallardo Barker

3 Principles Facilitator/ Mentor

Carolina is a facilitator, coach, and mentor of the Three Principles in English/Spanish. She is a Community Leader in 3PESP (3 Principles in Spanish) Professionally Certified in Adult Education, she has worked in England specializing in adults for the last 20 years. Argentine by birth, she has lived in England for the last 23 years.

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Catherine Casey

International Training Consultant

Catherine has been conducting “3Principle’s Based Programs” to a wide range of people in many different environments throughout the world for the past 27 years.

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Chana Rosenblatt

Chana has been working and sharing the Three Principles for over a decade. She graduated from the One Thought Professional Institute in 2012 and was a faculty member from 2013 – 2019. Chana has been mentored by many of Sydney Banks’s students, including Dr George and Linda Pransky, Dr Mark Howard, Dr Bill Pettit and Elsie Spittle.

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Chetna Bhatt

Chetna is a part time employment lawyer and certified executive coach. Since co-founding Being Lawyers in 2016, she has shared the Three Principles with lawyers and other professionals, both at an organisational and individual level. Chetna has helped clients navigate all kinds of personal and professional challenges by supporting them to uncover innate wellbeing and potential.

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Chiara Grandin

Life Coach & Author

Coaching since 2005. Co-founder of 3 Principi Italia. Author of the books "3 SETTIMANE CON IL GENIO" and "E se..?"

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Claire Shutes

Master Transformative Coach

Claire Shutes is a Master Transformative Coach and Three Principles Practitioner. She founded Potent Coaching in 2006 and and The Almond Tree Foundation in 2020. She has an international client base including individuals, businesses, government agencies and the charitable sector.

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Colette Grant

Leadership Coach and Mentor

Colette is based in Edinburgh, Scotland, she happily stumbled across the principles in 2013:) After founding and selling one of the UK's most successful Property Investment Companies in 2019, she has now dedicated her time to sharing this understanding with Business Leaders and Start-ups to help them create real sustainable change.

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Daly Hardy

Mental Health Educator

Daly Hardy, MSE is a Mental Health Educator and Counselor currently based in Iowa. Packaged with a really lovely feeling, she focuses directly on sharing her understanding of The Three Principles as discovered by Sydney Banks and enjoys seeing transformational change. She simply loves communing with others to explore how the human experience is created. In 2022, Daly founded By Design Counseling & Wellness, a practice that promotes mental health and sustainable change in the lives of her clients. Her approach to once old and stale “problems” is promoting innate health to open avenues of new and fresh thinking and healing.

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Derrick Mason

Derrick Mason has been involved with the Principles since 2017, where it made a profound impact on his life whilst serving a prison sentence.

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Dicken Bettinger

Psychological Educator and Retired Psychologist

Dicken Bettinger, Ed.D., received his doctorate in counseling psychology and has worked during his career as a licensed clinical psychologist. Dicken’s entire career has focused on psychological well-being. In 1986 he met Sydney Banks and was mentored by Syd for 23 years. He is currently in private practice at 3 Principles Mentoring where he trains and supervises 3P practitioners, runs webinars on the internet and in seminars around the world.

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Erika Bugbee, M. A.


Erika Bugbee, M.A. has been teaching the Three Principles for 24 years. She specializes in working with teens and training practitioners to teach the Three Principles through virtual and in-person programs. Erika is the founder of Erika Bugbee Coaching Group outside Seattle, Washington.

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Gabriela Maldonado Montano

Senior Trainer & Master Coach

In the fall of 1996 Gabriela attended her first 3 Principles event in Santa Clara County. She found an understanding that changed her trajectory personally and professionally. The last 3 decades have offered wonderful opportunities for Gabriela to work in the US, Latin America and Europe. In her partnerships, coaching, mentoring and facilitation, she brings forward her experience, her desire to contribute in the life of others and most importantly the message that “There is a part of you that is untouchable no matter what”.

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George Pransky


Dr. George Pransky is one of the two professional founders of the understanding of The Principles of Mind, Thought and Consciousness. He has taught the Principles for over forty years to individuals, couples, businesses and colleagues.

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Hannah LeMans

Mental Health Professional, M.A. Counseling Psychology

Hannah LeMans, MA Counseling Psychology, works closely with both teens and adults with histories of substance abuse, domestic abuse, and trauma. Hannah is interested in helping clients re-discover their innate health and what it means to live life through a secure state of mind.

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Hannah Meyer Sjoeblom

Transformational Therapist (3P), Addiction Therapist, CSAT and Teacher

Hannah Meyer Sjoeblom is a licensed teacher and an addiction therapist
with extensive experience of working with people who have alcohol, drug,
gambling, sex or relationship addictions, as well as co-dependency. She
has special competence in working with women with relationship issues.

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CARATTI Isabelle

Transformational Coach

Isabelle Caratti is a transformational Coach for combined professional and personal growth, and a registered Three Principles Practitioner.

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Ivalo A. Arnfjord

Ph.D student & 3P practitioner

I am an indigenous Inuk from Greenland. A daughter, sister, friend, wife & mother. I am currently a phd. student and also a 3P practitioner.

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Jacqueline Hollows

Well-being Mentor

Jacqueline (JB) Hollows is an author, a social entrepreneur and a mental health mentor. Her tagline ‘Doing Life Perfectly Imperfect’ sums up her attitude of embracing the messiness of life’s journey and her ability to see the perfection in everyone she works with. From a career in IT, pioneering wellbeing programs in prisons, co-authoring research papers, publishing books, and pivoting as a digital creative, Jacqueline embraces change and brings others along with her. Her latest endeavour is a memoir: ‘Wing of an Angel’ about her journey working with people in UK prisons, which is to be published Autumn 2023.

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Jacquie Moses

Wellbeing & leadership coach, Three Principles Practitioner

Jacquie is passionate about the importance of embracing our humanness with compassion on this journey called life. She loves guiding individuals to realise who they really are and to experience more freedom and ease.
She has been sharing this understanding for over 9 years, reaching hundreds of diverse people, from prison to the boardroom and everything in between. Currently she coaches NHS (clinical and non-clinical) staff, staff in the London Ambulance service, Social Workers, leaders and change makers.

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Jan & Chip Chipman

Chip and Jan had the honor of being mentored by Sydney Banks from 1975 until 2009.

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Janet Rhynie

As a facilitator, trainer, educator and coach I believe my purpose and passion is to educe, elevate and liberate you to see through the illusion of fear and confusion preventing you from living the life you have always wanted.

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Jasmyne DesBiens

Strategic Business Coach and Consultant

Jasmyne has been an entrepreneur from a very young age, never shying away from the new and unknown. For the past 30 years, she’s worked with solopreneurs and entrepreneurs, combining her expertise, knowledge and heart-centred approach to help her clients find their way, find their voice, and grow their businesses their way.

She is a committee member of the 3 Principles French community.

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Joseph Bailey

Joseph Bailey, M.A., L.P. is a licensed psychologist, an author, seminar leader, consultant to organizations, public speaker, and psychotherapist.

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Judith A. Sedgeman, EdD

Mental Health Mentor

Judy has been a Three Principles practitioner and educator for nearly four decades, serving individuals and groups from all walks of life in the US and abroad.

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Julieanne Chazotte

Transformational Coach

Julie is a transformational coach who guides and supports individuals and businesses in navigating life with greater ease. She points people away from the habits that create stress, pressure and sometimes burnout, and points them toward what naturally allows them to access better quality thinking, creativity and momentum.

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Karen Evanoff

Cultural Anthropologist/Human Services

Karen came across the understanding over 9 years ago. Since then, the understanding has deeply strengthened her passion for ancient wisdom and bridging cultures. She has broadened her world view, nurtured by a vision of universal possibilities, thereby enhancing: a yearly teen leadership camp; collaborative projects between cultures; climate change and regional interpretive and educational programs.

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Katja Symons

Unter dem Motto "Wohl-Sein im Fluss" teilt Katja Symons ihr Verständnis aus über 11 Jahren "Drei Prinzipien" in ihrer Arbeit als Coach/Resilienztrainerin/Ausbilderin und Autorin.

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Keith Blevens

Keith Blevens, Ph.D. was mentored by Sydney Banks for 32 years.

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Lila Turner MA

Partner and Programme Director at One Thought. Founder & CEO of Relationship Ready.

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Lily Sais

From lead school psychologist to registered three principles practitioner, Lily is passionate about helping people struggling with anxiety realize that they are not broken and how simple feeling good actually is. She loves working with individuals, and groups, and spreading the word about how life changing the three principles are on social media.

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Linda Pransky


Linda Pransky went to graduate school at The University of Washington in 1975. She specialized in psycho-social nursing, because she had an interest in learning how people change.

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Marc Polednik

Marc Polednik lives in Berlin, Germany, and has been working as a certified Transformative Coach for many years for individuals, in companies and is also a Three Principles mentor for coaches.

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Marina Galán Romanos

I am a coach and consultant working with individuals, groups and organizations all over the world.

In the journey to find something that would help people not only improve performance in every area of life, but that...

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Mark L Howard

Dr. Howard is a licensed psychologist who is the founder of the “Three Principles Institute” located in Brentwood, California. He recently retired from Kaiser Permanent Redwood City Chemical Dependency Services after...

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Mason Tyler Suehs

Teacher and Program Manager

I found this understanding while incarcerated in prison for drug offenses. Now I share this understanding working in Prisons and the community with the Insight Alliance.

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Mavis Karn

Mavis Karn is a veteran teacher, counselor and mentor, who has worked with people from every walk of life for over 40 years. She has recently published ‘It's That Simple: A User's Manual for Human Beings.’

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