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The Festival of Being is a three-day virtual experience for young people exploring the Three Principles through music, art, talks, QnA sessions, & more!


While the 3P UK 2022 Conference is going on in-person in London, we want to offer our global community a fresh, upbeat, and exciting new online option. Attendees will explore the Three Princples of Mind, Counsiousness, and Thought during this three-day virtual experience of arts, culture, music, personal stories, talks, collaborations, and more! Join us by registering now.


The Festival of Being kicks off on June 19 and ends June 21. Advocates, youth leaders, nonprofit founders, artists, musicians, and speakers from across the UK and USA will come together to give you an insightful look into the magic of inner resilience!

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The festival is 100% FREE, so get your ticket now! 


Our Speakers

Ray Lewis

Louis Pavao

Louie has been a student of the Principles for more than 20 years. He had worked
with domestic violence and anger management groups in the past, but he knew
something was missing.

Jan Chipman

Chip and Jan had the honor of being mentored by Sydney Banks from 1975 until 2009.

Elizabeth Lovius

Elizabeth Lovius is a Changemaker; a Leadership Coach, Mentor and Social Entrepreneur specialising in helping leaders change the game to lead with humanity, heart and wisdom.

John El-Mokadem

You could say that I am an a recovering intellectual! As someone who lived in their head, and really valued the process for much of his life, it was both a relief (and slightly annoying at first) to recognise that I didn't need to shoulder the burden of all that constant thinking to navigate my life, be at peace and operate at my best.

Tania Elfersy

Tania Elfersy helps women transform their experience of midlife change.

Mamoon Yusaf

Mamoon Yusaf is a keynote speaker and Spiritual Coach with over 5,000 hours of coaching experience.

Katherine Chidiac

Katherine Chidiac is a mum, creative, entrepreneur and author. She is passionate about sharing the hope of our innate creativity and capacity to create new connections.

Julian Fraser

Julian is director of the 3PUK conference, and has worked as a coach, mentor and Three Principles practitioner for almost 15 years having trained with one Thought and subsequently served on faculty for their practitioner program....

Christine Heath

Christine is a licensed marriage and family therapist in both Hawaii and Minnesota, and is the co-founder and executive director of the Hawaii Counseling and Education Center, Inc...

Roger Scholten

I’m Roger from the Netherlands where I had my 3P facilitator training at Shift Acedemy.

Laura Mesa

My name is Laura Mesa.
I am a wife, mother, sister, daughter, friend, executive, coach, and a few other things, but I mostly see myself as an explorer of life, from my life and the life of others.

Special Thanks to

The 3PUK Team, Macy, Carys all our speakers, leaders and contributors and anyone who has made the festival possible

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