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The Festival of Being is a three-day virtual experience for young people exploring the Three Principles through music, art, talks, QnA sessions, & more!


While the 3P UK 2022 Conference is going on in-person in London, we want to offer our global community a fresh, upbeat, and exciting new online option. Attendees will explore the Three Princples of Mind, Counsiousness, and Thought during this three-day virtual experience of arts, culture, music, personal stories, talks, collaborations, and more! Join us by registering now.


The Festival of Being kicks off on June 19 and ends June 21. Advocates, youth leaders, nonprofit founders, artists, musicians, and speakers from across the UK and USA will come together to give you an insightful look into the magic of inner resilience!

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The festival is 100% FREE, so get your ticket now! 


Our Speakers

Prince, Dajohn, and Rebels for Peace

The Rebels for Peace was founded by Dajohn White after he had an insight about how all the things that seemed unsolvable like the circle of violence, retaliation, poverty etc all actually could be solved, if we looked at the mind, instead of complaining about what can't be done.

Tamarjay Polk

Greetings and salutations. My name is Tamarjay Polk and I'm a 23 year old Portland native. I'm a mentor and teacher with the marvelous Insight Alliance.

Andrea Marie NiBlack

Andrea is the creator and curator behind the Butterfly Project. She is a self-taught artist and peer mental health and community advocate.

Special Thanks to

The 3PUK Team, Macy, Carys all our speakers, leaders and contributors and anyone who has made the festival possible

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