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As a part of the Betterworld Charity, 3PUK wants to make sure we can offer the conference at a price that everyone can afford to attend. We have always held by the mantra that no-one is turned away due to a lack of funds.

As the cost of living goes up and disposable incomes are squeezed, we want to offer relief and a sanctuary. And by making the Conference online, we have managed to make the price almost half that of last year’s. Having the conference online should allow more people from around the world to attend, We thought you might want to help us expand our event’s reach even further. 

Along with our tiered ticketing system, we are also offering everyone the chance to contribute and help bring more people to the conference at an affordable price.  If you are able to contribute any amount it is greatly appreciated.  Simply fill out the form below.


Thank you for donating

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